Our goal is to help clients understand the potential risks and opportunities in the tax system and instead of answers, help them to find the best solutions for reaching their goals.

ZSOLT NYÁRIcertified tax expert

With over fifteen years of experience and with a history of hundreds of lectures and numerous professional successes, I am ready to serve the interests of my clients. In each case I get to the bottom of matters, I assess the possibilities, and after considering all these, I deliver a solution. This is what I call focusing on tax solutions.

Do you have a problem? Do you want a solution rather than just answers concerning your tax affairs?

I am at your disposal.


VAT CONSULTING: In the case of undertakings, generally the main concern and the greatest risk is presented by the interpretation of the provisions of the VAT Law. The VAT Law is complicated, and mistakes are easy to make, so there is a general reluctance towards it. However, this is my favourite tax type. Many people try to reduce the risk by (I) paying VAT on everything, or (II) if they are uncertain about it, they decide not to deduct it at all. But this is not what I do.

A TAX EXPERT’S SUPPORT IN EVERYDAY OPERATION: Many people cannot even imagine the number of taxation issues in the life of a company in which accountants and financial experts need to make immediate decisions. Often accountants spend hours finding the answer to individual questions, and even then they are not always sure about it. Help your accountant’s work and you may even save some tax.

PRIVATE TAX EXPERT: Are you losing your overview of how your company operates? Do you need someone to control accounting / taxation processes? Or do you just need someone to think together with as a team and consult when preparing decisions? My experience is that my clients can save a lot and avoid serious tax risks by using this service. With confidence, in person, for our joint success.

TAXATION ON PROMOTIONS: Sales activities require marketing and promotion. Do you mind how much tax you pay on promotion and how much administration work you need to do for your accounts? Optimal taxation may depend only on the simple stroke of a pen, whether it is about web sales, point of sale promotion or any other incentive. Let’s talk about it.

TAX PLANNING: Often it turns out subsequently that there is a better solution. Or it turns out that it is too late to set up the ideal company structure or operational model, or it would cost too much. The number of such situations that I regularly encounter is surprisingly high. And in such cases I wish we had had the opportunity to sit down for a short consultation before making the final decision.

FISCAL DUE DILIGENCE: Do you want to make sure that your company works in compliance with the provisions of tax legislation? Or are you planning to buy a company but you have reservations about its taxation practices? You are not the first one with such demands. A short and random system audit can reveal so many things before it is too late.

TAX INSPECTIONS BY “NAV”: The very thing undertakings fear the most is the tax authority. They are actually right to do so, because bad practice or the finding of the tax authority following a failure to submit a declaration may result in losing the result and even make it impossible for the company to continue its operation. You must prepare for a NAV inspection, it must not catch you unawares. If required, we undertake to prepare your company for a tax investigation. In many cases the outcome of a NAV inspection stands or falls with communication and internal organisation. Bad approach, an ambiguous term, corridor gossip – and there you have a statement issued by the tax authority. And then we have not mentioned all the inconvenience and stress involved in such an inspection. Do not let it happen. I am ready to assume the burden and go through with the inspection as your authorised representative. Many people think that whatever tax inspectors claim is always true, and they accept their findings without looking into the records. But this should not be so. Mistakes are made during most inspections conducted by the tax authority. Only in the past 5 years I have managed to recover over 1 billion forints for undertakings. Let me look into your records and let us decide together how to proceed.


5 years ago I started my professional career working for international auditing and consulting companies. I worked for the French Mazars Kft. for twelve years and I left the company as senior tax manager. I learnt a lot about the profession, and for over 10 years I gave lectures at tax conferences and wrote numerous articles and blog entries.

Besides consulting I also participated in external training courses and conferences. At the request of the Training Centre of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors (MKKO) I taught for several years on the certified tax expert training course, I held numerous lectures on the further training course organised for certified accountants and at the annual tax conference organised by MKKO. Recently I have started lecturing at Samling Training Centre, concerning various taxation issues.

All in all I can say that I have given over 100 lectures and spent over 15 000 minutes talking about my profession to others.

During my work I have had the opportunity to test myself in many different areas. I worked for companies worth 20 million forints and also for companies worth 180 billion forints. All these various projects contributed to my professional progress by broadening my mind and teaching me about so many things. For example, I learnt what entrepreneurs expect from a tax expert.

The greatest professional result in my career so far has been the successful VAT lawsuit (C-563/12) before the European Court, the basic idea of which was conceived by me. This also led to the amendment of the VAT Law.


„Years ago, after becoming disappointed in consultants’ yes/no type standard answers, which, however, were rather costly, we were looking for a reliable person in the tax area, who, apart from having a stable professional background, would also be open to becoming acquainted with the specific features of our company’s course of business.

We believe that only a person with this type of approach is able to propose real customised solutions.

Zsolt Nyári is one of those few experts with confident professional knowledge who can add something extra to his expertise, something that we were looking for. He considers our questions with a flexible and practical approach and makes us a proposal.”

Chief account for one of Hungary’s biggest companies dealing with the distribution of car components

„Zsolt is always up-to-date, client-centred, flexible and easy to contact. He immediately comes up with constructive proposals for solution. He focuses on the client’s interests and needs while strictly observing legal prescriptions. One of his most valuable features is that he understands the case very quickly from the client’s viewpoint and then he adapts tax legislations to the given case.

I offer his expertise to everyone, because if you haven’t got several hours for examining an urgent issue, it is enough to phone Zsolt and he will definitely come up with some useful advice or a solution concerning any area of taxation.”

The representative in charge of taxation for one of the world’s largest trading companies in the confectionery industry

„Our company has turned to Zsolt Nyári, tax consultant, several times concerning taxation issues. During our joint work Zsolt has always been committed to professional and fast service provision. In the course of our cooperation he has always presented the greatest expertise and has been very helpful in answering all emerging questions.”

Chief accountant of the world’s biggest chain of fast food restaurants

“I am chief accountant at the Hungarian branch office of a leading Austrian forwarding and logistics company. I have worked together with Zsolt Nyári, tax consultant for several years. Using his professional experience he has always given me useful support in my work and also helped my company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Accurate timing, proactive approach and professionalism are very important to me. I continue to trust in Zsolt Nyári, because he can ensure all these.“

Chief account for one of Hungary’s biggest logistics and forwarding companies.

„We got to know Zsolt, when our company was facing a very serious taxation problem. When we turned to him and submitted our questions to him, he immediately tried to show a proactive approach in order to find a solution. Although our problem was not a simple one, he still persevered without compromise in his search for a solution, which was to everyone’s satisfaction and completely in compliance with the legal acts. He worked very hard to find it and pursue it to a successful conclusion. Since then we have used his expertise several times. He is always very helpful, quickly understands our concerns and tries to answer any question. Our experience is that he has a high level of knowledge and he never gets confused when dealing with any issue in his area of expertise.”

Financial manager of a company dealing with water dispenser machines.