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About us

Zsolt Nyári


My professional career began in 2001 with international audit and consultancy companies. Before launching my own business in 2015, I spent 12 years with Mazars Kft, leaving them as a senior taxation manger. In addition to domestic and international tax consultation projects I was involved with responsibility in due diligence projects, tax audits as well as successful proceedings with domestic and international courts. With regards to the latter, I regard the biggest success of my professional career to be the VAT case (C-563/12) won at the European Court, for which I was the project initiator.

I have been delivering presentations at tax conferences for over 10 years, have written a number of professional newspaper articles and blog posts, and have been a regular lecturer at the post-graduate training of certified accountants held by the Education Centre of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors. Besides Hungarian, I also assist my clients in English and French.

Katalin Küsselné Lakatos

Certified Tax Expert

I obtained my professional experience between 2008 and 2017 with international consultation enterprises by providing various types of tax consultation for large corporations belonging to international groups and Hungarian SMEs as a tax manager and later tax director. In addition to consultation, I dealt with transfer pricing, tax surveys, and was responsible for a large number of tax duties related to auditing. I used to lead compliance groups and represented my clients successfully in the course of several comprehensive tax audits and in the statutory proceedings following.

Since 2013, I have regularly delivered presentations at tax conferences, business breakfasts, and in the framework of internal and external trainings. Since 2017, I have worked in Hungarian and English as a tax expert of K-X Consulting Kft in the elaboration of solutions for our Clients.

Júlia Kosztyó

Tax and Accounting Advisor

After obtaining my qualifications in Economics and Chartered Accountancy, I worked at a number of SMEs, first as an accountant and later as a chief accountant. In the interest of widening my field of expertise I completed my tax advisory qualification in 2008. I worked at Mondelez International group as a tax advisor from 2010; providing comprehensive taxation activities for numerous Hungarian subsidiaries and branch offices. During my career I have worked on a daily basis with a number of accountancy and business operations software programs such as SAP.

In 2018 I joined the K-X Consulting Kft. team on a full-time basis where I am primarily responsible for assisting my clients with questions relating to tax due-diligence, VAT inspections, tax return preparation, bookkeeping and accountancy, and SAP, in order to ensure they receive realistic and applicable solutions for their everyday activities.

Dr. Ivett Deák

Legal Advisor, Advisor

Until 2004 I worked at PWC, after which I obtained over 10 years of experience at NAV (Hungarian Tax Authority), where I worked in the KAIG (Large and Foreign Taxpayers Special Department). As well as interpreting laws, I also gained widespread experience in the course of numerous tax audit and tax collection procedures and the appeals procedures following these. I obtained experience in court case representation in the field of gambling, and I participated as a supervisory team member in the legislative work in relation to branch restructuring. In 2018 I joined the K-X Consulting team.

I will help our Clients – whether they are domestic or foreign companies – manage any issues that may arise in the course of tax audits or tax related representation. I participate in solving disagreements between tax-payers and the tax authorities as well as professional differences of opinion in the interpretation of the law in any field related to tax law. I am able to assist our clients in both Hungarian and English.

Dr. Máté Vargha

Tax Advisor

After completing Law University, I worked at the Hungarian Tax Authority from 2005-2011, where I participated in audits of tax-payers and represented the tax authority in taking decisions of appeal and administrative court cases. From 2011 I worked at the Ministry of Finance as a lawyer, deputy head and finally head of department. Among my duties was the preparation and coordination of procedural changes in the law, preparation of provisory tax statement decisions, and preparation of documents relating to the appeals process against NAV decisions. In 2014, I finished my career at NAV with a ministerial award. During my time at the ministry, I was regularly published in professional publications. The final part of my career before I joined K-X Consulting was spent between 2014-2019 as a legal advisor at the Hungarian National Bank Chamber.

As a legal advisor and a legal specialist in environmental protection as well as banking and the stock market, I am capable of responding to my clients’ questions in both English and Hungarian.

Adrienn Tóth

Tax Advisor

After obtaining my degree in Economics, I began my commercial career in the field of sales and distribution. My tax career started at EY and I gained further professional experience at KPMG and Mazars. In the last 8 years I have been primarily involved in tax tasks related to seconded individuals (expats) and VAT-registered companies, as well as several due diligence projects focused on VAT and environmental product fees. I am at your disposal in Hungarian and English and can support communication in German if required.

I joined K-X Consulting in 2021.

Dóra Kardos

Certified Tax Expert

I started my career as a tax consultant in 2011 at Mazars Kft., where as a tax manager I was able to work with Hungarian subsidiaries of international groups of companies. I primarily led multi-tax projects, due diligence, and assisted my clients with tax investigations. I was able to represent Hungary in the international VAT group for several years, where I participated in cross-border VAT projects and planning tasks.

Since 2014, I have been regularly published in specialist online journals, giving presentations at tax conferences, international training sessions and workshops. As a lecturer, I am also involved in the training of a certified sales tax experts from the Penta Union. I assist our clients in Hungarian and English.

I joined K-X Consulting in 2020.

Franciska Lencse

Auditor, Accounting Expert

I started my career at PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd. in 1998 as an audit assistant. Following that, I worked as a Chief Accountant and CFO for various companies. I joined Mazars Ltd. in 2007 where I spent more than 10 years. My tasks included organising and monitoring audit workflows, examining Hungarian accounts and IFRS consolidation packages, participating in due diligence assignments, overseeing the due diligence and accounting of target companies, solving accountancy and tax problems and performing a wide range of consultancy and educational tasks.

Since 2015, I have been a certified public accountant and since 2017 I have been a regular member of the K-X Consulting Team.

András Attila Barsi

LegalTech Expert

I have an MBA from American, Hungarian and French universities and spent 10 years at an electronic signature authentication provider in commercial, strategic and management positions. My career has seen me assisting a number of businesses in developing strategic products with electronic signatures and remote identification expertise. In 2011, my name was associated with the „IT Project of the Year” award awarded by the IVSZ (Association of IT Companies) for digitisation of the System of Hungarian Bailiff Requests. I am currently a consultant and project manager in a number of Hungarian and international projects. I work numerous with senior managers on strategic digitisation projects where credibility and the legal impact are vital factors. I am also more than willing to offer training or lectures on the subject.

I have been working together with K-X Consulting since 2019.

Judit Kajtár

Auditor, Accounting Expert

I started my professional career at Mazars Ltd in 2000 where I was primarily engaged in the audit of Hungarian financial statements and IFRS consolidation packages. In addition, I also participated in due diligence assignments and was responsible for the organisation and execution of various trainings. As a manager, I specialized in the audit of banks and insurance companies. In 2009 I decided to pursue a new challenge and became the finance and accounting director of the Hungarian subsidiaries of the French-Belgian Group in the energy sector (ENGIE, ex GDF SUEZ), where I spent nine years.

Since 2018 I have been working on audits as a registered auditor, and alongside that I am delighted to support the Team of K-X Consulting in due diligence and accountancy consultancy tasks.

Szilvia Várkonyi

Office Manager

I completed my studies at the College of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism in the field of Tourism and Hospitality, graduating as an economist.
Following that, I took a job at a Conference centre as an event organizer, before moving into the hotel industry as a sales manager, later as a reservations manager.
Leaving tourism, I worked for an SAP consulting IT company as an office manager. In addition to administrative tasks, I arranged business trips, corporate events, fire and safety training, and I was the company’s ISO quality management manager.

I joined K-X Consulting Kft in August 2021, where I support the team as an office manager. My main responsibilities are tracking proposals and managing contracts; invoicing; and liaising with the bookkeepers and clients (in English and sometimes German).


VAT returns, VAT analytics including account audits and process controls for either internal reasons, or in the case of large VAT reimbursement requests.


Due diligence related to billing and invoice correction, VAT rates, legal compliance with performance deadlines. Non-IT type surveys related to online data supply and the billing system.


Due diligence aimed at tax planning and risk analysis, correction of errors, implementation of the tax advice given.




Due diligence prior to tax audits, training and preparation for audits, NAV representation, provision of office space for audits, preparation of statements, comments and decisions.


Solution- and practice-oriented services to support accounting, help in day-to-day operations, with the cooperation of our staff well-versed in local knowledge.


Restructuring of the existing company group to be optimal from a tax perspective, preparation for company expansion or expanding into international markets and/or company sale.




Implementing e-invoicing, developing archiving systems.


Preparation and revision of corporate and business tax calculations required for returns and tax account replenishing, and/or exploration, execution and revision of TAO tax allowance possibilities, e.g. SME allowances, R & D allowances, development tax allowance, energy investments allowance


Should our Client decide to pay their tax in the form of tax relief or to donate it to a sports club, theatre, film production etc (TAO), we can assist in the preparation of the required documentation, in conducting the process and – upon request – even in searching for a recipient organisation complying with the Client’s demands.




We provide help on a provisional basis in substituting accountants and/or the chief accountant on maternity leave or any other prolonged absence.


Up-dating, compiling, revising of accounting standards, corporate or group by-laws, including training.


Billing, accounting, community transactions, preparations for NAV audits, taxation of promotions (also for marketing departments), IFRS.



Main Services


„Zsolt and his colleagues have been our partner for years now, helping our company find its way through the mysteries of taxation. They respond quickly and efficiently to our issues, adding real value to our company’s success. Their communication is clear and exact with an outstanding level of professional knowledge. Their professional experience is of an international standard, and their knowledge and attitude are exemplary. They often hold interactive presentations in order to share their knowledge with their clients, with a particular emphasis on forward planning. We can call them at any time to discuss an issue and it is sure we will receive a quick and clear solution.”


István Szokonya
Financial Director
Bonduelle Central Europe Kft.

„We initially came into contact with K-X Consulting through a recommendation. In them we have found the consultancy partner we had always been looking for. We can call them at any time and will receive a fast response; their professional knowledge is unquestionable. And all this comes at a reasonable price. We have been working together for one year and since then we have contracted them to carry out a full tax due-diligence. It is just a bonus that Zsolt, Kata and Julcsi are all a pleasure to work with, we love to speak to them and we have a wonderful relationship.”


Andrea Varga
Finance Manager
Würth Elektronik Hungary Kft.


„Many years ago, after becoming disillusioned with consultants’ yes/no/it depends type standard, yet at the same time, rather pricey answers, we sought out a reliable person in the tax field, who, apart from having a stable professional background, would also be open to becoming acquainted with the specific features of our company’s course of business. We believe that only a person with this type of approach is able to propose real customised solutions. Zsolt Nyári is one of those few experts with confident professional knowledge who can add something extra to his expertise, something that we were looking for. He considers our questions with a flexible and practical approach and makes us a proposal.”


Edit Szilágyi
Chief Accountant
Láng Kereskedelmi Kft.

„Help with problems, peace of mind in our daily life. The personality of the tax advisor really means a lot to us. It’s a good feeling to know them personally, to trust them unconditionally. We can always count on them, and they will support us to the end. It is vital that they are always up-to-date, fast, and provide a full service. At the same time, it is reassuring that a team is supporting us, which is crucial in this field. In the past few years we have experienced all these things with Kata Lakatos and her team.”


Erika Hlavathy
Chief Accountant
Cooptech Kft.

„I am chief accountant at the Hungarian branch office of a leading Austrian forwarding and logistics company. I have worked together with Zsolt Nyári, tax consultant, for several years. Using his professional experience, he has always given me useful support in my work and also helped my company, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Accurate timing, a pro-active approach and professionalism are very important to me. I continue to trust in Zsolt Nyári, because he can ensure all these.”


Gáborné Molnár
Chief Accountant
Gebrüder Weiss Szállítmányozási és Logisztikai Kft.

„Our Company Ravak Hungary Kft. have been operating on the Hungarian market for the last 20 years, dealing with the production and sale of bathroom ware and sanatary equipment. We have been working together with K-X Consulting Kft., Zsolt Nyári, for five years now. We are delighted to recommend him. We have found him to be an extremely reliable expert partner. During our work together he has, in all cases, been well prepared. He fulfils our demands with the maximum of attention, and always meets the deadlines. Not only does he do this for our everyday questions, but he also provides useful and reassuring advice for our special requests. This proves the company’s extraordinary preparedness and their continuously up-to-date professional knowledge. Our cooperation is regular and always works smoothly. Whenever we have an important question, we ask for Zsolt’s opinion.


Györgyi Márton
Chief Accountant
RAVAK Hungary Kft.

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